The web is an abundance of documentation, case studies, success stories in mobile and financial services. The truth remains, however, that this branch of industry and it's impact on people is just now beginning.

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Some presentations, as well as a few potentially useful links and resources that might come in handy for work in the nexus of mobile and financial services technology.

Some Speeches and Presentations

Many of our recent presentations are online via our Slideshare page.  Below some direct links to a few public presentations or interviews.

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Sep 2016 Association for Financial Technology (AFT) 2016 Fall Summit
Colorado Springs  
Jun 2016 American Banker: Digital Banking 2016 (info)
BankMobile and VASCO: Joint Presentation
New Orleans  
Jun 2016 Second Annual Geezeo G-Party (info)
Digital Disruption Panel
Mar 2016 Apex All Payments Expo 2016 (info)
Wallet Wars, how winning wallets could recreate the Uber experience by making payments invisible

New Orleans  
Feb 2016 Seriously, the future of payments?
Four sanity checks learned over the years in payments

Oct 2015 BAI Retail Delivery 2015 (info)
The Secret to Building The Uber Mobile Banking App

Las Vegas  
Sep 2015 PayThink 2015 (info)
Executive Panel Discussion: Mobile Payments, Wallets & Wearables - What Does The Future Hold For The Debit & Prepaid Markets?
Las Vegas
Nov 2013 Mobile Convention Brussels (info)
Has Anyone Asked a Customer? (The Nail in NFC's Coffin?)
Brussels pres
Sep 2013 ModUX 2013 (info)
Has Anyone Asked a Customer? (Consumer Pull vs. Tech Push)
Amsterdam videopres
Sep 2013 European Merchant Services
Payments & Cards Trends
Amsterdam pres
Aug 2013 Interview for Mobile Payments Today
Slow take-off for mobile banking in Latin America
May 2013 Mobile Convention Amsterdam (info)
The Consumer side of NFC and Mobile Payments (version 2)
Amsterdam pres
Apr 2013 Lafferty Global Merchant Services Council
The Consumer Side of NFC and Mobile Payments (version 1)
Amsterdam pres
Apr 2013 Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2013
Mobile Financial Services Distribution: Partnerships, Alliances, JVs
Hong Kong pres
Jan 2013 Update on Rabo Development Distribution & Channels Utrecht pres
Nov 2012 RD/RI Global Banking Distribution Conference
Banking Distribution Trends
Johannesburg pres
Nov 2012 RD/RI Global Banking Distribution Conference
Bank & MNO Collaboration Trends
Johannesburg pres
Nov 2012 RD/RI Global Banking Distribution Conference
Agency Banking Partnerships
Johannesburg pres
Sep 2012 SWIFT/Euroclear/BNY Mellon CSR Workshop
Rabo Development and Sustainable Banking Distribution
La Hulpe pres
Jun 2012 Contributions to the Global Contactless Payments Report 2012-2013   article
Jun 2012 Rabo Development Retail Distribution: Mobile Banking & Payments Utrecht pres
Apr 2012 Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2012
Mobile Bayments and Consumer Behaviour
Hong Kong pres
Mar 2012 LBMA: The Mobile Wallet (info)
Thoughts on the Mobile Wallet
Amsterdam pres
Feb 2012 techMAP Amsterdam
What’s trending in 2012? A focus on SoLoMo
Amsterdam pres
Nov 2011 Technology Innovation for Banks in Growth Economies
Banking and Infra. in Developing FS Markets
London pres
Apr 2011 Mobile Convention Amsterdam
Thoughts on the Mobile Wallet
Amsterdam pres
Apr 2011 M-Commerce World Summit 2011 - chair intro remarks Singapore  
Mar 2011 SELSE 2011 (Silicon Errors in Logic - System Effects)
Harsh Computing Environments in Financial Services Markets
Illinois US  
Feb 2011 Mobile Financial Inclusion 2011
Some Successful Rabo Development Projects: Focus on Mobile
Dubai pres
Feb 2011 TechnoServe Coffee Marketing Forum Addis Ababa  
Dec 2010 Rabobank Nederland  Groep ICT
Mobile Banking is Mainstream
Utrecht pres
Nov 2010 Mondato Global MVT Newsletter Vol.3 Issue 22
Another African Mobile Banking Success Story
Nov 2010 IIR Mobile Payments Services
Case Studies in Mobile Banking and Payments Development
Prague pres
Sep 2010 De Nederlandse Bank
Mobile Banking & Payments Update
Amsterdam pres
Jun 2010 BPR Mobile Banking Kigali pres
Mar 2010 M-Commerce World Summit 2010 Singapore  
Feb 2010 NACHA Global Payments Forum London
Rabo Mobiel (NL) and NMB Mobile (TZ)
London pres
Dec 2009 Mobile Wallets and Payment Systems Middle East-Africa 2009
Rabo Mobiel & NMB Mobile
Accra pres
Nov 2009 Critical Distance - video interview with Jonathan Marks Hilversum video
Nov 2009 X|MediaLab: Public Media / NPOX Festival (info) Hilversum video
Oct 2009 Mobey Forum: Utrecht Plenary Workshop
Banking the Banked with NMB Mobile
Utrecht pres
Sep 2009 Future of Web 2.0 Meetup
Internet access, banking and payments innovations
Amsterdam pres
Jul 2009 Digital Money Forum - audio interview with David Birch   audio
May 2009 Mobile Financial Services
Rabobank & Rabo Mobiel: The Bank in Your Pocket
Singapore pres
Feb 2009 IMmovator Cross Media Café
De Bank in je Broekzak (in Dutch)
Hilversum audio pres
May 2008 EMERCE Insight Banking
Rabo Mobiel Overview
Amsterdam pres
Mar 2008 Mobile Monday #3 Amsterdam
Rabobank, Rabo Mobiel & the Future of Mobile Payments
Amsterdam video

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